Nerf Game: Enjoy the Challenging Nerf Games

You probably heard about Nerf Guns on television commercials or have read it on newspaper and magazine print ads. With the images of Nerf products showed on TV or print ads, you would know that these are toys. However, getting to know the product more would give you a clear understanding how it is different from other toys in the market and why it is suitable for your kids and even the kids at heart. Read on and find out.

Nerf guns are toy guns made for safe indoor play. The brand Nerf means Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. Hence, majority of the Nerf products are based on foam. These include weaponry and sports balls.

There are several Nerf guns available in the market today (you can also check out Nerf Gun Buyer Guide to Learn More). They all look good but each one has a different function and feature. Some of these well-known guns include Nerf Raider, Nerf Vulcan and Nerf Maverick. The Nerf Raider and Nerf Vulcan are larger guns which are recommended for big kids 7.62×39 ammo for sale. It has a big capacity and can hold 35 darts in its magazine. It can shoot in two ways, either a single shot or rapid fire shots. Setting it to rapid fire shots will surely give you a powerful edge when you are in the middle of your Nerf battle. Moreover, the Nerf Vulcan comes with an attached ammo belt and weighs 8 pounds so it gives a realistic feeling of having a steady supply of ammo. These Nerf guns are best for outdoor play as it shoot long distances.

On the other hand, the Nerf Maverick is a smaller, revolver looking gun. Since it is smaller, you can only load 6 foam darts in its chamber. The good thing is you can fire the darts in just a few seconds. It is also ideal for indoor play as it only shoots up to a distance of 15 feet. Younger kids will surely enjoy this toy gun.

Nerf Guns have always been a favorite toy of boys and young men. The first Nerf gun was introduced in the year 1989 and it was called the “blast-a-ball”. Since then, manufacturers’ have been developing and making different types of Nerf guns to satisfy each customer.

Now a day, there are hundred types of Nerf guns to choose from, from simple and clear guns to colored machine guns, bow and arrow, and even transformers inspired guns that actually transforms. Having these cool and innovative designs makes boys of all ages go ballistic over Nerf guns.

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