Benefits Of Using Instagram

Instagram is at the top of my list of daily enjoyments for me. When I first started exploring Instagram I was searching for inspiration and motivation for the kitchen. 99.9 percent of my posts are of meals I have developed. This is to showcase that making delicious and healthy meals does require a Culinary Institute Of America-trained chef, nor does it take a lot of fancy ingredients. I like making my meals quick and easy so I’ve used the hashtags #KeepItSimple and #KeepItTasty.  ดูวิดีโอโป๊ฟรี no need to obscure the taste of the ingredients that make up your meal with items that don’t enhance the flavor of the food nor serve a purpose

In the process, Instagram assumed a new function in my day-to-day routine. The motivation and inspiration was still there but the unintentional comedy rose to new levels. Before I talk about the images that are my favorite will let me state that I love to laugh and these photos relieve stress from my life , even for just some time. If you’re on Instagram then I believe you’ll agree with these pics in that they can make people laugh while scrolling through photos with an iPhone and iPad.

Top 6 Reasons I Go To Instagram Daily

The Artist At The Coffee Shop Pictures

We have seen them all. The one in which the barista do they just call them that at Starbucks?, decided that they were either tired or hungry and turns your coffee into an artwork. You see the heart shapes often, but I have never seen one with faces or an animal. The images make me laugh as I can picture the person ordering their cappuccino with the hopes of tasting the steaming milk and hot coffee and relaxing their stress and results a heart. Which barista who gets the heart? What makes the user on Instagram decide that a different photo of milk in the shape of a heart is something to be posted. We get it. Coffee as art. Let’s get moving!

Quest Bar Pictures

I’m not sure when Quest Bar became the face of healthy eating but whenever you browse a healthy feed there is almost assuredly there is a photo of Quest Bar. Quest Bar. And it isn’t enough to just be an Quest Bar but this product has been chopped and placed into cakes and cookies as well as broken and put into yogurt, and so numerous different ways of using it so that this post is too long. I’ve never had a Quest Bar and most likely never will, therefore I can’t make a comment about the flavor. Why do Instagram images make me smile? They are everywhere and you can’t go through a day without getting a glimpse of them.


I’ve mentioned some of the photos of baristas in the coffee industry above , but a single day will pass without photos of cups from Starbucks. They may just be the outside of the cup. They may be the inside of the cup. I’ve seen images from inside the Starbucks. I see them and I imagine that you purchased a Starbucks coffee, and during the time between drinking and paying, you decided to capture it. But did you first taste it? Did you have a seat and converse with your pals and end the conversation so that you could take the photo? I’ve got a lot of thoughts that float around my mind and I am laughing because I am trying to put the pieces of a conversation that most likely isn’t happening but in my mind it is and it is funny.

Mug Cake

This is my third favorite photo on Instagram. I am not sure why it cracks me up whenever I see them but they do. I guess on the inside I’m thinking to myself the next time you are unable to bake, with the microwave. Perhaps, I’m tempted to bake a mug cake. I’m not sure, however, I know that when the photos on Instagram show up , I laugh from the gut. I am able to say that I’ve seen wonderful mug cake creations like the chocolate mug cake that has been melted. It’s incredible in my opinion, however, the traditional method of pouring one egg and protein powder and the rest of it and voila baked an Protein Mug Cake just cracks me up.

Green Smoothies

I just hate them. They’re popping up on Instagram with a lot of people and they amuse me because my first thought is, Wow you’ve learned how to use your blender. It is a cooking snark however, how many green smoothies could one view before thinking: great you can now cook these greens in another way or in a different. I’m sure that smoothies are simple to make and I have made them too, but when I do make them I don’t upload them to Instagram because I did not do anything more than adding water, vegetables and fruit to my blender. I want that my Instagram account to become inspiring and inspiring to inspire people to get into the kitchen and cook, but it is true that if a green smoothie helps someone get starting on the road to well-being, I’m for it. Let me clear the air and declare that there is no problem with green drinks or smoothies generally. It’s only when you see 20-50 pictures of green smoothies per day you should just be a little giddy.

Seflies Before, During Or After Workouts

They are my absolute favourites. The picture of the flex pose is among the top, but today I’m presenting the picture of my pal Marlene of Mission To A(nother) Marathon because her selfies have me hyperventilating. I am awed by her posting photos of herself in her bathroom at work after a sweaty bike ride or run, and her smile conveys the entire story. My personal favorite photo of Marlene is of her in her swim glasses as she looks exactly like the dudes from Despicable Me and that’s why the nickname I have for her was Despicable Marlene. Selfies are the gift that keeps giving as it is certain that you will be seeing hundreds photos at any one moment, and each one is more enjoyable than the others. Do you make sure the bathroom is clear to take a selfie? Do you really care whether the bathroom is full?

These 6 reasons are the reasons Instagram will always be an integral part of my day-to-day routine. The reason you can’t laugh at some of the things you can see when you browse Instagram can’t be understood by me. There’s tons of inspiration and motivation, such as the 21 Day Sugar Detox I will be posting about on Monday. But there are some that are hilarious too. I love following people I follow on my feed to get creative ideas for cooking, to get me out to exercise and to make me laugh.

As a social media marketing professional I have seen a variety of excellent and less than stellar campaigns that leverage Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as well as the other social platforms But these are the top 6 reasons why I will always look to Instagram more than twice per day. As they say pictures tell 1,000 words, and in my experience, at least 1,000 laughs.

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