Try to focus and dedicate your mind on the massage

Did you know that there are rules you must adhere to when giving a body massage? If you’re still not sure these, they are a few guidelines to follow to perform a much better massage. Knowing is power indeed.

Don’t harm

Avoid areas that are sensitive, such as those of the armpit, groin the spine (direct contact), throat and the list goes on. These are the most important parts to avoid applying pressure that is too heavy. If you must just apply a little pressure.

Utilize your entire body

It is also possible to use your hips and legs when massaging, and not only your hands. You will find that if you rely on your shoulders and arms all by yourself, you’ll get tired very quickly. You can also lean using your massage gun heads explained body weight instead of exerting force using your hands and fingers exclusively.

Concentrate on your partner and nothing else

A lot of people believe that giving a massage is simply the motion that applies pressure to various directions. But this isn’t the case at all. Sometimes, they even sit and watch TV or snooze in their own world of thoughts within their heads. Instead, try to focus and dedicate your mind on the massage. Your partner can tell if you’re doing this or not. They will be able to tell.

Let go of your mind

It is possible to do this by focusing on the massage method. Pay attention to how your client feels when you perform each massage you make. As you observe you don’t need to think about your massage performance and think about the effectiveness of it. Simply watch and follow. Be in the moment.

Be original

Sometimes, you may want to perform a extraordinary move such as pressing stomach and pressing the head simultaneously. Although it may sound strange but you must try it as long as you know the difference between risk and security. The general rule is that in the event that you love for your loved one and your partner, the massage is sure to be fine.

Send love directly through your fingers

Even though this sounds abstract but you must try it. You’ll notice that professional massage therapists achieve this. When they massage you, you will feel their care and affection particularly when their fingers touch your body. It may take a while in case you’re not used to massaging too. Be patient , and it will eventually come.

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