What Facebook And Instagram Have To Do With Each Other

Instagram is another new social media platform that has sprung up relatively recently. This one, however, is not as well known as some of the others picuki. This is primarily because it originally did not have a “computer” presence. It is an “app” and has existed mostly in the mobile environment on smart phones and tablets. Those who are very comfortable working in a purely mobile environment have taken to the application and it is growing in popularity. However, in the first half of 2012, Instagram was purchased by Facebook for the handsome sum of 1 million dollars. Although it is hard to know what will happen in the future, it can only be assumed that there will be more integration between the mobile applications and the computer-based programs.Instagram cracks down on adults messaging teens - BBC News

Instagram is a mobile app designed to work with the camera that comes standard on most smart phones and tablets. It allows the user to add filters to the photographs they take with those cameras and make them look more like photographs taken by a really high-end DSLR camera. Then, the user can categorize, organize, send, and share these beautiful photographs while others can comment on the pictures that their friends have posted. Like Twitter and Facebook, you can become friends of actual real-life friends or of different people you know solely on-line.

You can follow celebrities, artists, and those who take beautiful photographs that you really enjoy and you can also contribute your own quirky vision of your life. There are so many beautiful options with Instagram that can really make your photographs look marvelous and you will be thrilled to be able to sell them.There are already ways to automatically share all of the pictures that you take on a variety of social platforms. There are also many different opportunities to take your favorite pictures off the camera or tablet and print them or have them made up into different products.

This is a nice feature that different developers are working on because many times the photographs you take with your phone camera stay on your phone and really are hard to get into a printed version. Of course, sharing the photographs on Facebook will make them much more available to friends and family because there are many more users of Facebook than there are of Instagram. It is not that unusual for families or groups of friends to have Facebook groups and even if just some of the group members use Instagram, it really will make sharing those special moments even easier. And if that happens, it is likely that Instagram will continue to grow.


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