Virtual Reality casino

Do you ever think that at some point in your life, you’d head to casinos… without going to an actual casino? You read it correctly. “Going, but not really’ is possible with the modern technology. When Virtual Reality (VR) first came out, many were not sure whether to applause the announcement or not. Many were deeply concerned, whilst others saw it as a significant step forward in technology that can assist in making the world more modern.

It’s a long way from the online casinos of the past two decades, when the attempts to make casinos appear as real as they could was a rock due to inadequate graphics and a lack of creativity. With the help ทดลองเล่นสล็อต of high-tech, you can enjoy games featuring crystal clear graphics as well as sound effects in popular games such as slot machines and roulette.

Technology that uses virtual reality as well as the VR casinos are becoming more widely acknowledged by hundreds of thousands of online players from all over the world. Some gamblers prefer the traditional casino in which they can walk through the casino and choose their favorite slot machines or table games over the casinos online. In any case, you’ll discover that the VR Casinos are more engaging, interactive and enjoyable.

In this guide we will explore the rise of Virtual Reality Casinos and the best games that you can play, the best VR casino game developers, and much more.

What exactly is virtual reality? Virtual reality is a type of simulation more accurately described as an immersive computer-generated environment which stimulates the human brain. Typically, the user needs to wear the VR Helmet or goggles which will take you to an imaginary 3D world. The helmet has numerous LED screens as well as a stereo sound system that is pre-installed.

Since the first VRhelmet made by SEGA came out on the market more than 20 years ago and the technology has led to huge advancements in the performance and appearance of VR technology. There are four famous brands which are closely associated with the VR helmets: SONY, HTC, OSVR as well as Oculus Rift. These are main producers and developers or VR helmets.

It is important to understand from the start that VR technology is not just employed in casinos but is also utilized in areas such as education, health, therapy training for military personnel, and much more. The most important industry which is likely to gain in the most significant way is the casino. In reality, well-known websites such as SlotsMillion has already paved the way for the Online Casino.

What is what is the VR Casino work?

As mentioned, you’ll require virtual reality glasses. Once the goggles or helmet are on, everything will turn black before a screen appears. This is your new virtual world. The gambler interacts with screen by using a controller and, of course, with their hands. There is a video released on behalf of SlotsMillion Casino where viewers can experience the joy of gambling at an VR casino.

By using this technology, gamblers can enter the traditional casino, which includes roulette tables that are slot machines as well as cool jazzy sounds, bar disks, lounge couches, and much more. You can choose to gamble at the go or from the comfort of your sofa.

Which games are available within VR Casinos?

Although there is no doubt that the VR gambling industry in its early stages there are some great games have come out of different software makers like Microgaming or Net Entertainment. If you’re looking to play VR gaming, you’ll find a variety of more than 40 games in SlotsMillion Casino, including Slots, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack tournaments, Gin Rummy along with Poker Dice.

VR Slots

Virtual reality slots are the most played and popular VR games. Perhaps it is due to their appealing graphics, animations, and sound effects. There are games such as Starburst, Fox in Wins, Ace of Spades, Pistols and Roses, Big Bad Wolf, Go Bananas and Gonzo’s Quest. Robbin Hood Switching Riches.

VR Blackjack

There is a wide range of VR Blackjack variations that provide the same fun and excitement as online casinos. With VR goggles, you’ll be able reach out and put your chips on the table, feel the deck, stand and hit, then double just like in a brick and mortar casino.

VR Roulette

Virtual reality roulette games are the third most popular game in VR casinos. The reason for this is that it is adored by high-roller and low-budget gamblers.

What are pioneers in Virtual Reality casino games?

Virtual Reality games are spreading rapidly and players are becoming attracted by them on a daily basis. In the end, two of the best-known software developers have taken up the step of providing players with the very first games offered in VR Casinos. These two companies are the real pioneers who have made this dream come true. The two main pioneers are the multi-award winner, Microgaming in addition to Net Entertainment.

Net Entertainment

NetEnt has been operating in the online casino industry since 1996 and it is the company responsible for the well-known VR slot games such as Jack and the Bean Stalk as well as Jack’s World. The games are loaded with top-quality 3D graphics, great animations and sound effects like you’d think from the company that developed them.


Microgaming is famous for providing the best slot games to the top online casinos in the industry. As well as being the pioneer in the realm in virtual reality Microgaming has developed the most exciting games which have earned it numerous prizes over the last few years.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of VR casino?

Like all other casino games or sites, there are some advantages and disadvantages of playing in a VR casino. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of casinos that use VR:


* VR casinos are able to recognize the presence of a player in the game.

Gamblers can chat and converse with others when they play.

* VR Casino games are available in a variety of formats and they are expected to grow.

* Players get the chance to get out of their daily routine

* It is constantly updated on the virtual gaming industry.


* There is a possibility of becoming addictive

* Players are more likely to spend more than their set spending

What is the minimum requirement to play in the VR Casino?

Before you start playing at an VR Casino before you begin playing, it’s prudent to check and see that your computer has the essential features. This will enable you to connect to VR casino software. VR casino software and install it without any difficulty. This is why we have compiled a list of the essential elements required to play Virtual Reality casino gaming;

* Windows 7 SP1 and higher

* Intel i5-4590 or higher

* NVIDIA GTX 970 or AD 290 or higher

* Minimum eight Gigabyte plus RAM

* HDMI 1.3 video out-compatibility

* 2 USB 3.0 ports

Bottom Line

The virtual reality casino is one of the most remarkable innovations in the gambling industry , and is the most likely future for online gaming. While the games may not be much in comparison to casinos online but you’ll be in awe, be entertained, and even have the chance of winning huge prizes. Keep in mind that gambling is very addictive. Make sure you play responsibly.

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