Oman Football Association Members Resign

Oman Football Association Members Resign


All the Oman Football Association (OFA) members and board of directors, with the exception of two, have submitted their resignation to the Minister of Sports Affairs, Ali  บาคาร่า  bin Masoud Al Sunaidi on the 26/12/2006. Two members, who were not present at the board meeting, are yet to submit their resignation.

The resignation of the OFA members comes in the wake of the below par performances of our national soccer teams in its different age categories. The resignation was called upon by the general public and some 17 regional clubs. As a result, an extraordinary general meeting was held on 18-12-2006.

To me it looks like the members of the Omani Football Association were fearful of the extraordinary general assembly and the possible resulting embarrassment, hence have opted to resign instead of being sacked.

There are a few questions, however, in and around this OFA resignation mainly, is it the right timing for such an action to be called upon ? What will be the impact of the resignation on our participation in the Gulf Cup in Abu Dhabi ? Who will be the new chairman of the OFA ? Was H.E. Ali Al Sunaidi correct in scheduling an extraordinary meeting in this particular period ? What is the real motive behind this group resignation ?

Only a few days after writing an article about the responsibilities of different entities towards the overall well being of football in Oman (refer to  mani Football Association has been the main culprit in victimizing soccer in Oman, we were stunned by the news of this group resignation by the board members of the OFA. Although it has been called upon for quite a long time by the general public, the timing of the resignation is somewhat awkward and could cause further debacle to the already underperforming soccer national team.

Resignation reasons that we have been told

More than 17 clubs and the general public have been asking for such a resignation due to the recent performance of the OFA.

Hidden motives

In my opinion, the board members were fearful of being sacked as a result of the extraordinary general meeting and hence have opted to resign. They are aware that they have taken football in Oman back to the dark days with their miss planning and disorganization and, knowing that they only seek easy solutions, perhaps discovered that there isn’t an easy way back.

Impact of the resignation on out national soccer team


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