What Makes Andros Island Bahamas So Special?

Among the thousands of islands in the Bahamas, Andros Island is considered the largest by area. It is actually the largest island within an archipelago and is the largest of all Bahamian islands. In fact, the area of Andros Island is larger than the total area of all the other 700 islands in the Bahamas put together! But what makes Andros Island so unique? Its unique location and pristine landscape make it a prime destination for travelers and residents alike.

The island of Andros is 100 miles long and separated into three sections by estuaries. The island’s lush greenery includes mangrove flats, pine forests and a sprawling underwater cave system. Because Andros sits adjacent to the third largest coral reef in the andros island bahamas world, you can see some of the most spectacular natural phenomena there. The island is also home to the elusive ‘Lusca,’ a half-octopus known for living in its blue holes. Sightings of the elusive creature are reported even today.

Pirates made Andros a popular destination for pirates. In 1713, it was named “Republic of Pirates.” In honor of its legendary rum maker and privateer-pirate Henry Morgan, the island has named Morgan’s Bluff and Cave after the infamous pirate. On South Andros, pirates reportedly maintained a settlement in small Hope Bay. In fact, the island has a rich history of pirates.

Despite the rough and rugged nature of Andros, Nassau has made steady progress towards a modernized and modern economy. Drug dealing was a major problem here until the 1980s, but it has been reduced since then. Increased diligence by Bahamian authorities and round-the-clock surveillance by the U.S. Coast Guard and Drug Enforcement Agency have helped curb the problem. However, if there is a major disaster, Andros might be affected even more than New Providence.

Andros has thousands of miles of fishing flats and inland waterways. The North, Middle, and South Bights cut through Andros, making it one of the most fertile islands in the Caribbean. Fresh water is plentiful in Andros. In fact, seven million gallons of water are shipped to Nassau each day from North Andros. The island has underground tunnels and caves, where rainwater collects, forming a fresh water lens.

Andros is the largest of the 700 islands in the Bahamas. It is the fifth largest island in the Caribbean and is home to around 8,000 people, most of whom live on its eastern sliver. With a total area of nearly two million acres, Andros is the size of Everglades National Park. The West Side National Park covers 1.5 million acres, making the landscape on Andros look like a painter’s palette.

The prettiest settlement on Andros is Nicholls Town, set behind a bluff with a beach overlooking the Tongue of the Ocean. The town has a ruined brick hotel, which now stands guard over its ruins. Despite the ruins, a cemetery with whitewashed walls is located nearby. Andros offers plenty of natural attractions and is an excellent place to spend the evening.

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