Spiritual Revolution is the Great Falling Away


The Great Falling Away won’t be as indicated by the possibility of mankind turning out to be more lewd, material and common. Rather mankind will turn out to be more otherworldly, looking for heavenly nature and information on the inward universes.


Everybody will realize that God exist and that we are completely associated with the heavenly. Individuals will zero in on otherworldly advancement and achieving edification. We will arrive at an understanding that we as a whole love similar God in various structures and approaches yet of a similar pith. There will be an incredible cognizant arousing.


There will be complete coordination of the relative multitude of various religions and we will be in every way one. We will be generally together as one and having a similar confidence. Every single strict composition and tenets will be accommodated and joined under a typical showing which will point all man in a similar bearing.


All information on the science and expressions will converge with information on the brilliant planes and profound aspects. Science and otherworldliness will at long last turn out to be completely as one.


Such a situation will appear to resemble a perfect world on How to join illuminati   Earth. A period where everybody joins together, there is harmony and paradise on the planet. In any case, this is the Great Falling Away, not in the way that has been so regularly painted in the personalities of individuals. This is the way it will truly work out, that is the reason a considerable number will be cleared away and alongside it absolutely absent to what’s happening.


Here is the stunning truth. The God that individuals are persuaded to think in won’t be the genuine God. They will put stock in just a single portion of reality and not the other. They will have confidence in the general part of God yet not in the individual angle.


In contrast to what the vast majority understand to be true with respect to the Anti-Christ, the Anti-Christ won’t seem, by all accounts, to be the Anti-Christ by any stretch of the imagination. All things considered, he will “be” The Christ. The world will consider him to be the Return of the Messiah and the Second Coming.


The Christ that they love in won’t have a name. Assuming He is given a name by any means, it won’t be Satan, Devil or Jesus. The name that he will eventually be known by will be the name, Lucifer. Obviously the name won’t be uncovered but to the individuals who are of a much development level of commencement in the request very much like any faction or development of Satan.


In Scientology, the conviction of an intergalactic ruler by the name of Xenu is possibly uncovered when a part arrives at OT-III which is a development level of commencement into the request. The name Lucifer as Christ may be uncovered at a lot more elevated level of commencement in the New World Order of Freemasonry and The Illuminati.


Regardless of whether the name Jesus Christ is being utilized, it may be to act as a front or cover. Jesus Christ will be recognized as a climbed ace, an incredible Teacher or a prophet of God. Regardless of whether Jesus is recognized to be the Son of God, we will all likewise be broadcasted as Sons and Daughters of God essentially on the grounds that we are totally made in the genuine picture of God. Regardless of whether Jesus is recognize as God, Man is additionally recognize as God since All is God.


Mathew 7:22-23 Many will share with me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not forecasted in thy name? what’s more, in thy name have projected out fiends? furthermore, in thy name done numerous awesome works? And afterward will I affirm unto them, I never knew you: withdraw from me, ye that work wrongdoing.


It is trusted that the lessons of Buddha, Krishna and other “divine man” are lessons utilized by Jesus Christ. However, truly they are lessons utilized by Lucifer. In each spot of the book of scriptures where Jesus shows up, it will be uncovered that Jesus is Lucifer and that they are both very much the same. Indeed, even the holy book is undermined by Lucifer. The new adaptations of the good book are interpreted from Alexandrian compositions which are ruined by Babylonian and Egyptian recorders.


All the great and malicious depiction of Jesus and Lucifer in the holy book will be introduced as the Great Cosmic Dance of God which is God encountering himself in various appearances of good and fiendishness. Great and underhanded won’t be isolated however various parts of God. In every one of the exclusive lessons, it appears to be that main the idea of God is introduced however the Devil or Satan doesn’t appear to exist. Where did he go? Indeed, he just turned into the God. Subsequently there is no Devil, there is just God. Lucifer is God.


Lucifer needs as little individuals as conceivable to ponder the Devil or Satan, and to contemplate God. Like an expert entertainer, he has organized a vanishing act. In any event, when you find works about fallen holy messengers, you will see basically every other name with the exception of the other-worldly name of Satan being referenced. It’s practically similar to he doesn’t exist. Well as the truism goes, hidden, out of brain.


The Jesus that is perceived won’t be the Jesus of Christianity however it will be the Jesus of Gnosticism. Trusting in Jesus Christ kicking the bucket on the cross to save mankind from transgression and timeless perdition in hellfire will be known as a wrong conviction of customary Christianity. Gnostics accept that anybody clutching the obsolete thought of salvation is being inept and not readily to embrace the new truth about what the expression of God truly implies.


1 Corinthians 1:21 For after that in the insight of God the world by intelligence knew not God, it satisfied God by the silliness of teaching save them that accept.


Theosophy, New Age, Gnosis and the New World Religion will be acknowledged as the “Genuine Christianity” and the True Christianity will be abused and pursued to be annihilated and dispensed with in light of the “blunder” it brings to the world. To us Christians, they are obscurity. However, to them, we are dimness. Obscurity considers itself to be Light, and considers the Light to be Darkness.


John 1:5 And the light sparkled in haziness; and the dimness appreciated it not.


Theosophy which is the joining and unification of all world strict frameworks and compositions (Christianity included), states its idea of the Absolute: It is over the presence of God as a Being on the grounds that the Absolute is the unmanifest which God manifest from, and the Nonbeing by which Being continues from. The Absolute manifest into the Three Logos or trinity which is the First Logos, the Second Logos and the Third Logos.


The three Logos are basically the indication of the Absolute as Pure Spirit on the three most noteworthy otherworldly planes and every Logos oversees a specific part of the universe. The idea of the three Logos or God is without character. God might have specific heavenly qualities yet God isn’t an individual or people. Consequently God is past human idea of requiring recognition or love.


2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 Let no man misdirect you using any and all means: for that day will not come, besides there come a falling ceaselessly first, and that man of wrongdoing be uncovered, the child of condemnation; Who goes against and commends himself over all that is called God, or that is loved; so he as God sits in the sanctuary of God, showing himself that he is God.


To deny God as a character or characters is to keep the individual from getting Jesus as God. In this way on the off chance that Jesus isn’t heavenly, then he isn’t pure and can’t pass on for the wrongdoings of the world. Accordingly Jesus isn’t the picked sheep killed from the groundwork of the world and the arrangement of salvation is a legend. There is no God our Heavenly Father whom we ought to venerate and have a relationship with. In any case, the Truth is, Spirit is previous and the individual of Father and Son are everlasting with no start and end.


1John 2:22 Who is a liar yet he that rejects that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son.


So as may be obvious, the End of Days won’t just be a skirmish of Light against Darkness yet it will be a clash of Light against Light. The Light of Jesus against the Light of Lucifer. The Devil utilizes reality however just as a way to serve his own closures. Anything that is of God, Lucifer will utilize it or make a twisted duplicate of it.


2 Corinthians 11:14-15 And no wonder; for Satan himself is changed into a heavenly messenger of light. Thusly it is no incredible thing assuming that his priests additionally be changed as the pastors of nobility; whose end will be as indicated by their works.


He has made deceptions in the otherworldly planes for individuals to encounter to misdirect them into thinking it is the genuine the great beyond. He has the ability to do this, after every one of the good book calls him the lord of this world. His curve evil presences have introduced themselves as the chief heavenly messengers to humankind in different occasions. The Great Deception of Lucifer is working however the widespread part of God will permit it to come upon the individuals who draw in it through the Law of Attraction, since they won’t have faith in the genuine good news of salvation.


2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 Even him, whose approaching is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying ponders, And with all deceivableness of corruption in them that die; since they got not the adoration for reality, that they may be saved. Furthermore, for this purpose God will send major areas of strength for them, that they ought to trust an untruth: That they all may be doomed who trusted not reality, but rather had joy in profaneness.


Lucifer was initially the blessed seraph covering God’s high position. He was brimming with intelligence and magnificence yet has tumbled from paradise due to his off-base reasoning and obliviousness in needing to lift up himself to be equivalent with God. He utilizes The Tao (The Way of making a characteristic move), to achieve his goals. The method of the Tao is to adjust and divert. This is the most unobtrusive methodology that Lucifer used to entice Man into erring against God.


He approach the lady rather than the man and he did as such as a wonderful and glorious looking snake. He started with an inquiry posing in the event that God had said that they will not eat of each and every tree in the nursery. The lady answered that they might eat of each and every tree in the nursery aside from the tree of information on great and evil for they will pass on assuming they do as such.

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