The use of IQOS does not result in the cessation of smoking; rather, it reduces the harm that smoking causes to your health.

Smoking cessation is not automatically achieved by switching to IQOS. In fact, I’d say it’s immoral to be happy about having to through the process of switching to it. A new cigarette label doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be less expensive, but it’s certainly going to be less unsafe.NEW IQOS ILUMA PRIME QUICK UNBOXING AND REVIEW | Karl Koga Vlogs | Filipino  Japanese living in Japan - YouTube

IQOS is a kind of cigarette smoking.

Permit me to express my own belief that IQOS may be used in a manner that is much more effective and beneficial to one’s health. The most critical step is to admit that you haven’t quit smoking yet. On the one hand, it’s untrue; but on the other hand you’re setting yourself up for an unpleasant experience, which is exactly the same as leaving, and that’s not going to help you. As a result, you are effectively resigning yourself.

Using IQOS, smoking may be completely eliminated. It is possible to smoke more cigarettes while switching to HEETS cartridges since they contain less nicotine than ordinary cigarettes. What I’ve seen most commonly is that people smoke less since they don’t light up when bored, and so on.

Instead of lighting up, try IQOS.

Stop praising yourself for finding a less harmful way to satisfy your addiction, which you can’t stop because you can’t. People who do not smoke should not be encouraged to use IQOS, and youngsters, who may assume the product does not represent a health risk because of the product’s large advertising campaign, should be kept away from it.

There is no reason to fear that you’ll go back to smoking regular cigarettes if you handle IQOS as if it were only a label change on your smokes. Even if you don’t like the flavour, the feeling of having an ashtray in your mouth will be awful.



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