Professional poker player – Advantages

For almost twenty years now online poker has become a reality and for about ten Italy has had a regulated market (albeit with its own flaws).

In short, being a professional poker player is no longer a mirage even in our country, despite the fact that in Austria and the UK the figure of poker pro is recognized in all respects (with related tax reliefs without which, otherwise, it would be impossible to be professionals at high levels) online poker game.

In our part of Italy we must be satisfied with accruing winnings within the European community (for those who play live and do not want to run into double taxation), or with the game offer present on the “point it” poker rooms, provided that you do not decide to do as many of our compatriots who emigrated abroad to be able to play on international platforms .

In short, being a professional of the two cards, in Italy, is certainly not one of the easiest ways to take, yet there are many who try it every year, with more or less satisfactory results.

Let’s try to understand together what are the points in favor and the difficulties in transforming the passion for the game into a real job.

The main reason for choosing poker as an activity on which to focus most of the time / energy undoubtedly lies in the economic factor.

The ability to climb the levels (regardless of the chosen discipline) in a short time and ensure earnings that go beyond the rosiest projection related to a clerical job, constitutes in itself an incentive to give the maximum, even if the difficulties are many.

Not only that, because in some cases (cash-game and Spin & Go) it is possible to manage the times in total autonomy (different speech for those who play tournaments, as the largest prize pools are up for grabs on specific days and times).

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